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Photograph from the exhibition "Chassez..le naturel"at the 4th Biennial of Photography in Liège,Belgium.2004. Organised by the cultural center of Liége "Les Chiroux".

"Chase away the natural.." exhibition with along side: Josef Koudelka/Magnum photo agency photographers/.

William Wegman,Martin Parr/Magnum photo agency photographers/to name some.

And at the exhibition "Cazar lo Natural" in the National Museum of Chile,Santiago.2005.

Book published by Yellow Now.



2020/ -Personal Exhibition "Part II"Le passage Gallery/Brussels,Belgium/ 


2010/ - Photography,playing drums with bands and family man.


2010/ -Hammesse Exhibition price /Flemish Cultural Center, Brussels,Belgium/


2009/ -Exhibition as part of the opening of the"Théatre des 2 gares"/Brussels        


2008/ -Personal Exhibition "Part 1" at "Objectif"/Brussels,Belgium/ 


         -Amart Gallery Exhibition /Brussels,Belgium/


         -Winterkleuren-Exposition at the Maison Pelgrime /Brussels,Belgium/


2006/ -Annessens-Exhibition Maison Pelgrime (Brussels)



2005/-Collective Exhibition at the National Museum of Chile,

           Santiago/Chile/"Cazar lo Natural"Fotografia de la               

           Comunidad Francesa de Bélgica.

         -"In Transit" The Month of Photography/L'Alliance Française of Sydney/Australia.                  



2004/ -La Quatrième Biennale internationale de la Photographie et des Arts visuels de Liége/Belgique


            sur le thème <<Chassez le naturel...>>Centre culturel <<Les Chiroux>> et Yellow Now.


2003/ -"Hope" for Oxfam Belgium,Group Exhibition /Brussels,Belgium/


2001/ -The Edge Theater, Personal Exhibition /Sydney,Australia/


1999/ -Aeroplastics Exhibition /Sydney,Australia/


1997/ -Personal Exhibition"Once upon a day"at Polymorphe Gallery inSydney/Australia. 


1995/ -Collective Exhibition"Hundeleben"-"A dog's life"/ Fotofoyer Gallery in Vienna/Austria.            


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