"Dogs are Gods backward" Mirande

"This anagram come from growing up since my very young age with few dogs.

The bond  with dogs has been particular more sincere,trusty than humans or cats(wilder?).

Theres something about their gaze, humour, attitude, feelings,the beauty, affections,the psychologies, the innocence, the play fullness, doing silly things.


I relay to them naturally , they like to go walking like me.

(Pick their excrements,toilet are no use to them).


With dog there is no speaking word and so much feeling can passes on,it's complex.

To take photographs of dogs was obvious to me.


Life without them would be dull or any animals on this planet.


Human's its a different approach in Photography to me,i like it too.its just different.

I'm a misanthrope somehow,depend my mood and situation..and i can easily go back into my own bubble sometimes.

Never easy to defined yourself in words.


But my photography can be,and the way i'm taking photographs too.

The way others perceive it as well,i know that.

It's as been an important factor in art or any creation of mankind since the birth of civilisation.


Subjectivity's is a complexity in many's way anyway".

©Gil Mirande

©Gil Mirande

©Gil Mirande
©Gil Mirande
©Gil Mirande
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©Gil Mirande

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