​Gil Mirande is a Belgian artist photographer.

He was born in 1974 in Brussels.

He studied visual plastic arts in 1995, and he has resolutely grounded his photography in the arty-contemporary-Photojournalism tradition like.


He discovered the work of  great artist photographers like:

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt,

Michel  Van den Eeckout, Moholy Naguy, ...Old school good school.


That was it,photography was made for him.

Gil Mirande start working in a early age as a drummer and as a photographer at the same time.

He exhibited his work at The Biennial of Photography in Liège among others.

At the end of the exhibition, one of his photographs was acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago/Chile/.

Over the years, photographs have been bought or given when meeting other artists like, Elton John, Lewis Morley, Charlotte Rampling , Paul Dempsey(Something For Kate), Sam Neill, Elliott Erwitt, DJ Krush, Toine Thys, Mauro Pawlowski,and more artist.


Subsequently he exhibited and worked in several countries, especially abroad.


Gil, lived in Sydney 10 years /1997-2007/, where he settled and worked as a photographer.


He was organizing his return to Europe in Paris by working for a Franco/Swiss advertising agency.


Gil is a "Zinneke" in Brussels we call "Zinneke" any animal or even person of mixed origins.


As his parents write on a tray for his birth with humours :

"Patented under the name of MIRANDE, recipe for the GIL cocktail; doses for 3 kilos 350 grams: ¼French; ¼ Greek, a Polish hint supplemented with a Belgian half, slightly heated in the Algerian sun, left to cool in Belgium.All rights reserved".


About "Zinneke" /or "Mongrel" in English/ 


Dogs are omnipresent in his photography.

He likes to think that “Perhaps this is because “Dog” is the anagram for “God” in the English language".

"The sincere relationship with the dog is immeasurable with truths,honesty's and all kind of feelings. There is no lie."as he says.


Gil worked with his own "gaze" as a professional photographer.

Over the years he has often been asked to work with it, in different sectors such as promotions for music, cinema,theater, literature, portrait,documentary, story telling, reportage, conceptual project, corporate and private.

No boundaries.


His personal artwork in photography is bloody important and specific to him for the last 26 years also. 

And still counting.

Music (Post rock mainly), playing golf, reading,cinema, art, history, sciences, sport,walking, humour,

discovering, traveling etc..are also an important element to his curiosity's in life.


Due to his 2 children half Belgian/Finnish...The zinneke prevail !


He currently lives in Belgium.


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